Matthias Zuber (born 1965) graduated from the German School of Journalism in 1998. He founded polyeides medienkontor in 1999. Since then he has been working as a freelance writer for Stern, die Zeit, and Sueddeutsche Zeitung, amongst others. In the area of broadcasting he has created several long features for stations such as Deutschland Radio, SWR II and WDR III. He has worked freelance as a writer, director, cameraman, cutter and producer television not only with magazine format but also for longer films (30‘ - 120‘), broadcasting stations he worked for include i.a. BR, DW TV, MDR, SFB/RBB, ARD, ZDF, 3sat and arte. In 2000 he was co-writer of the movie-documentary “A Woman And A Half” about Hildegard Knef that received a nomination for the Deutscher Film- preis in 2002. As a university lecturer he teaches i.a. at the German School of Journalism. At the moment he is working on the documentary “Der Bergfuerst” in Albania by Philip Vogt in Albania for the BR. At the same time two further half-hour projects (for MDR and RBB) are in preparation as well as several documentaries and a feature.

Filmography (selected):

Deutsche Seelen – Leben nach der Colonia Dignidad (HDCam / DVC Pro HD, 92‘) A co-production with ZDF/DAS KLEINE FERNSEHSPIEL (commissioning editor: Christian Cloos), director (together with Martin Farkas), production, funded by the curatorship for young German film and the Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfahlen

Sprachlos mit einem Schlag – Jutta muß neue Worte finden (XD CAM HD, 30‘) RBB; first broadcasting: 13. December 2008, writer, director, camera, cut, production
Beginning of the shooting to the documentary “Der Bergfuest” by Philip Vogt, (DVC PRO HD) in Co-Production with Bayerisches Fernsehen (editor: Petra Felber) and HFF Muenchen; estimated completion date: summer 2009; producer

Shooting for the documentary Meerkampf - Watt in Brunsbuettel. Director: Frank D. Mueller; funded by Filmfoerderung Schleswig-Holstein, co-camera

Beginning of the Shooting for the documentary Der Ewige Onkel (At) in Chile. A co-production with ZDF/ KLEINES FERNSEHSPIEL (editor: Christian Cloos), director, production, funded by the curatorship for young German film and the Filmstiftung Nordrhein Westfahlen

Draußen – Alleinerziehende auf Partnersuche (IMX und DV Cam; 30’) RBB; first broadcasting: 29. January 2005; writer, director and co-camera

„Liebe tut weh“ – Sexueller Missbrauch an geistig Behinderten (Digibeta; 30’) ARD; first broadcasting: 15. March 2004; writer, director and camera

Bauen fu_r Gott – Was steckt hinter moderner Kirchenarchi- tektur (Digibeta; 30’) RBB; first broadcasting: 20. September 2003; writer and director

Tod vor der Geburt (Beta SP; 30‘) Sender Freies Berlin, first broadcasting: 26. October 2002; writer and director

Unter Druck – Mitch Frankes Traum vom Baseball (Digi-Beta; 25‘) Deutsche Welle TV; first broadcasting: 10. June 2002; writer, director and camera

Hinter Kirchenmauern – Flu_chtlinge suchen Asyl (Beta SP; 30‘) Sender Freies Berlin; first broadcasting: 22. December 2001; writer and director
Illegale Kinder (Beta SP; 30‘) Sender Freies Berlin; first broadcas- ting: 24. March 2001; writer and director

That’s a Woman and a Half - Hildegard Knef movie-docu- mentary 90‘; director: Clarissa Ruge, Berlinale 2001, Nomination Deutscher Filmpreis 2001, co-writer and directing consultant for Berlin, Munich, New York, Los Angeles

Im Schatten der verbotenen Stadt - Beobachtungen in Wu_nsdorf; Sender Freies Berlin (Digi-Beta und Beta SP; 30‘); first broadcasting: 2. October 1999; writer, director and production

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