The airdate is fix: Das Kleine Fernsehspiel on ZDF will show the first run of German Souls on October the 11th 2010.

8th October 2010: DVD release of German Souls!

1st July 2010: Cinema release of „German Souls“. The first cinema is already fixed - fsk Kino in Berlin. The film will be shown for 14 days at 6pm. More information about other cinemas and launching dates you‘ll find on our website quite soon.

May 2010: „German Souls“ becomes part of the repertoire of Zorro Film. In summer the film will be on-screen and in fall out on DVD.

Paul Schäfer dies at the 24th of april in prison by heart attack.

Some of the people of Villa Baviera wished to burry Schäfer at their cemetary. After long discussions the members of the former sect decided to let the German embassy be in charge of the funeral.

Ongoing the Irish Film Institut (IFI) shows „German Souls“ at the German Film Festival 2009 (03.12.-13.12.2009) together with other famous German films of this year like „Hilde“, „John Rabe“ or „Anonyma“.

Matthias Zuber and Martin Farkas take part in the 12th German Films Festival in London (27.11.-03.12.2009). As one of four other feature-length documentaries „German Souls“ runs in the category „German dox“.

As one of the last films „German Souls“, presented in the cinema „Filmladen“, finishes the Kasseler Dokfest (10.11.-15.11.2009).

The audience of the 33rd international film festival „Mostra internacional de cinema“ in São Paulo (23.10.-05.11.2009) discuss very intensively about „German Souls“ and nominates him for the public prize as Best Foreign Documentary Feature Film.

In the middle of june in 2009 the both directors, Matthias Zuber and Martin Farkas, as well as the authoress Britta Buchholz visited Chile again to present the movie to the former sect members. It was an intensive presentation for all of them. Nearly everybody of Villa Baviera participated and scarcely anybody left during the film. Afterwards silence dominated. A young man came up on stage and demonstrated his respect for Akis sincerity in this movie. He also referred to the audience to be more frank with the younger generation and the things they had to suffer. He stopped and had to break up his speech because he was overwhelmed by his emotions. An old man said that he doesn‘t like the movie because of those reactions. That reopens old sores and hurts people like the young man seriously. An older woman took sides for the movie and the young man. She explained that the young man wasn‘t hurt by the film but by all the things that have happened in the past and by the silence afterwards.

A very passionate and honest discussion lasted till the early morning hours. For the directors and the authoress, it was one of the most impressing experiences of their previous work.

German Souls will be shown in the „International Program“ of the „24th international documentary film festival Munich“ (06.-13.05.2009) on Friday, May 08 2009 and is nominated for the Talent Award of the Bavarian Film and Television Fund, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern.

The ecumenical jury of the 5th film festival „achtung berlin – new berlin film award“ (14.-21.04.2009) rewarded German Souls with a commendatory mentioning.

At the 30th Film Festival „Max Ophuels Preis“ (26.01.-01.02.2009) German Souls was shown in the competition of the documentary films.

German Souls achieved the Seal of Approval highly recommended from the German Film Review Board.



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