Born 1977 in Heidelburg, lives in Berlin.
Philip Vogt is a filmmaker, camera operator and sound mixer. He began studying documentary films and television publication at the School for Television and Film in Munich in 1999. At the moment, he is busy with post-production work on his gradua- tion film “Der Bergfu_rst” (produced by polyeides medienkontor and HFF Mu_nchen for the BR, sponsored by FFF). He was responsible for the sound in such films as “Draußen bleiben” by Alexander Riedel (which won the prize of a youth panel from the film school in Leipzig e. V., 2007 FFF Developmental Prize) and “Cosmic Station” (also lighting, awarded many prizes including the German Short Film Prize in 2008), both directed by Bettina Timm.
As a camera operator, he worked on “Castells” directed by Gereon Wetzel (second camera, HFF/BR, won the 2006 Main Prize at the International Documentary Film Festival in Munich), “Wiedergeboren in Westfalen” by Melanie Liebheit (90 minutes, HFF/WDR) and “Nemashim” (directed by David Vogel, in post-production), as well as other films.

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